The Right Light at the Right Time


With the “Natural” Button you can match the tone of natural daylight. Warm and soft in the early morning, the light naturally transitions slowly to a cooler and more energetic feel through the day and then changes back to a warm relaxing atmosphere towards the evening.

If you are working late in the home office or music studio and you need a burst of energy, tap the Energize button to give you a boost of mid-day light.

Remove the blue light waves before getting ready for bed for the evening to help you ease into a restful sleep. This is similar to a phone’s Night Shift feature, except it can happen automatically for your architectural lighting.

Create a true candlelight atmosphere with a dim 1400 Kelvin very warm tone of general light for an intimate cocktail party, while your artwork is showcased in a crisp 3000K halogen-like shade of light with increased vibrancy to draw out the colors.


Let’s achieve your vision together!