Lighting Control

Eliminate Wall Clutter with Custom Engraved Keypads

Use Lutron Keypads instead of large banks of switches in your formal entertaining areas or throughout your entire home.

Choose from Many Styles and Finishes

With 40 Gloss and Matte Finishes, 2 Glass Finishes, and 22 Metal finishes, we have the right Keypad for your decor.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • We offer styles of Keypads that will blend with Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, and Historic Architecture


Convenience and Control

  • Lighting Control Solutions’ Preset “scenes” allow one-touch control of light levels in different "rooms or areas” throughout the house.
  • Scenes can be controlled via conveniently located keypads, or with your tablet or smartphone.
  • Goodnight button can turn off all lights in the house and sets a night light in the kids’ hall.
  • Entertain button can set the mood and illuminate artwork before company arrives.
  • All Exterior button adds security and saves you from having to go to many different places in your home to turn on exterior lights.
  • Time-Clock will turn on exterior lights at sunset and off at sunrise or a preset time. The Time-Clock will automatically adjust as the seasons change, will adjust for daylight savings time, and has a power failure memory.
  • Vacation mode replays lighting events in portions of the home to create a “lived in” look.
  • Control lights from the car or from a remote control.
  • Energy Savings available through dimming, incorporating occupancy sensors, and automatic shut off.
  • Lutron App is available for iOS and Android devices.

System Upgrades

If you have an older system or want to upgrade to work with new LED lighting, we can plan a solution for your home. We can upgrade Lutron systems, or systems from other brands.

We also specialize in Commercial Lighting Control

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