Exterior Lighting

We have the privilege of working with some of the best names in the business.

SPJ Lighting

SPJ Lighting specializes in landscape and exterior lighting. Their solid brass and solid copper construction allows SPJ to offer a 10 Year warranty. SPJ offers 10 standard finishes such as Natural Copper, Matte Bronze, Moss, and Rusty, which allow landscape lighting to blend naturally with the environment. Most of SPJ’s products are available in LED for environmentally-friendly energy efficiency.

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HK Lighting Group

HK Lighting Group is a landscape lighting manufacturer. HK Lighting fixtures are very tastefully designed with great respect for the balance between machinery and nature. HK Lighting uses only materials that are abundant and not harmful to the environment, such as low-copper-content machined aluminum, machined brass, or stainless steel. These materials add durability and give each product an unequaled lifetime. When you look at HK’s lighting line, you’ll see something different; you’ll see a life of experience in your hands.

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Hans Duus Blacksmith

Hans Duus is a blacksmithing company which takes pride in response and commitment to customers. A history of consistently delivering quality product on time and within budget makes this company stand out among industry giants. Hans Duus has made a name for itself in custom fixtures, and specializes in providing custom work for commercial settings such as casinos, restaurants, and hotels. They look forward to being able to provide the jewelry for your house.

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Two Hills Studio

Two Hills Studio blends metals in various finishes with glass, acrylic, mica and mirrors. Over the years they have developed a number of handsome finishes for your selection. While their fixtures look great during the daytime, their trademark light and shadow patterns give a dramatic effect when illuminated. All of the items that they create are handcrafted in their Austin studio by their talented craftspeople.

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Dreamscape Lighting

Dreamscape manufactures both landscape lighting and interior lighting. They specialize in niche products such as trimless linear LED lighting and solid brass landscape lighting. Their top landscape sellers are Moonshadow, Mesa, Lunar, Nalu, and their Micro Well Light. Their top landscape finish is Ancient Bronze.

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