Architectural Lighting

Lighting Control Solutions works as the Lighting Resource for your design and construction team. The Right Recessed, Cove, Undercabinet, Millwork, Bar, Shelf or Track lighting can really make a space look amazing.


Specialty Forward Throw Knife Edge Cove Lighting gives a crisp clean drywall edge to the cove shown. Small, Low-Glare recessed lights draw your eye to what should be illuminated and not to the opening in the ceiling.

Specialty Glowing Panel Lights give a warm inviting glow to this home bar.


Dot-Free linear Under-Cabinet, In-Cabinet, and Shelf Up-Lighting provide a smooth, even wash on the backsplash and dishes, while adjustable, regressed source, glare-free recessed lights illuminate both the solid cabinets, the sink, and the countertop.

Let’s achieve your vision together!